Technology Framework

The Product

is an effective web business collaboration hub for your internal operations and communications with your clients and suppliers, which brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done.

is a shared journal backed by immutable inter-related ledgers for recording the history of all business transactions. This chain of transactions covers CRM issues, inventory items, sales/purchase orders, shipping & receiving, AR & AP invoices, payment, and accounting. eCBK equips all subscribed businesses with their permissioned-journal of records for inter-related ledgers and their associated contents (e.g. signed contracts) tagged with relevant meta-data.

used by thousands of businesses around the world not only to bring their team members together as one by unifying their systems, and drive their businesses forward but also to maintain traceable and auditable communications with the clients and suppliers to maximise the productivity and meet the set business objectives with lower cost.

eCBK Has Comprehensive Functional Coverage

eCBK Comprehensive Functional Coverage
  • Managing your business transactions:
    1. Inventory
    2. Workflow based Sales and Purchase Orders
    3. Packing and Recieving Notes
    4. AR/Sales and AP/Purchase Invoices
    5. Expenses
    6. Accounting
    7. Payments
  • Work smarter through automation and unifying your internal communication channels
eCBK Comprehensive Functional Coverage
  • Your clients and suppliers communicate with your business via web login
  • No need for faxes, emails and phones
  • Clients can reach you 24/7 so you can meet their expectations
  • Nobody will drop the ball. All communications in one central system
eCBK Comprehensive Functional Coverage
  • Communication across the trading exchange
  • Buy and Sell
  • Actively reach out to potential clients to increase revenue
  • reduce buying costs to shrink inventory capital
  • Improve your bottom line

Solution Framework

eCBK is supported by our novel software framework which includes:
  • Networked Software as a Service (N-SaaS).
  • Collaborative Document Communications (CDC).
  • Active CRM Actions (ACA).
  • Workflows.
eCBK applications are integrated fully and governed by multi-dimensional workflows to increase work automation with machine-validation to reduce user data entries.

The Business Bundle

eCBK is an all-in-one bundle of business applications built on top of INToo communication framework. This bundle is for small and medium businesses that run from any simple computer with an internet connection.

These applications fall into three categories:

  • Interbnal Operations.
  • Business Development.
  • Communication.
eCBK Applications
    • Inventory & Supply Chain Management.
    • Sales & Purchase Order Management.
    • Packing & Receiving Shipping Note Management.
    • Sales & Purchase Invoice Management.
    • Account Management.
    • CRM.
    • Expense Management.
    • Administration.
eCBK Applications
  • Business Development - This category is to help the business to create new sales pipelines, gain new clients and discover suppliers for better buying prices. This category includes:

    • Global Catalogue for selling and acquiring clients.
    • Web communications.
eCBK Applications
eCBK Communication

Networked Software as a Service (N-SaaS)

N-SaaS for eCBK provides two types of web logins:
  1. Subscription-Based Web Login. This type of login is for the enrolled (subscribed) business into the eCBK network. Each enrolled business has multi-user logins (minimum of five logins depending on the subscription level) for the business’s employees.
  2. Managed Web Login. This type of login is for users who represent the clients and suppliers of the enrolled business. Each enrolled business can add as many of their clients’ and suppliers’ profiles. Each profile will have one managed web login. The managed login means that the enrolled business controls the issuing of user-name and password sets for their clients and suppliers. This managed web logins will allow the business to communicate and exchange business documents within eCBK network. This is made possible because of the data-architecture of N-SaaS.
These types of web logins are the foundation for the Collaborative Document Communications (CDC).

Collaborative Document Communications (CDC)

CDC takes the following necessary automatic actions which make the flow of communication happens in the background without any manual intervention:
  1. When your client sends an electronic purchase order, CDC will generate automatically a corresponding sales order based on your set of order terms and conditions.
  2. When you generate a sales (AR) invoice on behalf of a client (phone orders and desk orders), CDC will generate the corresponding purchase order for your client.
  3. When you author a packing slip, after submitting, CDC automatically will generate a mirror receiving shipping note for your client.
  4. Once you create a sales (AR) invoice (based on confirmed order on packing note depending on the order terms and conditions), CDC will generate the corresponding purchase (AP) invoice for your client.
  5. Once your client confirms the receipt of good listed in the receiving shipping note, CDC triggers a sequence of actions inside eCBK to populate the data for only the non-existing inventory items in your inventory pool and the corresponding quantities. The existing ones only the quantity attributes will be updated.


The workflows are to increase productivity, reduce business errors and support work automation. The workflows govern the process of:
  1. Issuing purchase/sales orders.
  2. Issuing sales (AR) and purchase (AP) invoices.
  3. Approving and paying expense applications.

Active CRM Components

Active CRM Actions (ACA) ACA actions would take place only if you signed up for the Global Catalogue (GC). ACA main components are:
  1. Notifications for:
    1. business profile viewing on GC.
    2. viewing the inventory items published in the GC.
  2. Messaging Center. The message centre allows you to send messages and reply to messages from your clients and suppliers.
  3. Automatic issue/task assignments generation which will have “Sales Pipeline” issue type in the issue list.
  4. Connection request processing. The connection requests could be as a ‘client with’ or ‘supplier for’ the anonymous company looking at your items on the GC.

The New Internet EDI

Over the last four decades, EDI has steadily gained mainstream adoption throughout businesses worldwide as the preferred means to exchange documents in the B2B transaction process. During this time the emergence of Internet B2B, including new transport protocols like AS2, numerous flavours of XML-based B2B document standards, API-based B2B integration, have mostly complemented EDI rather than replaced it. EDI has grown and matured and today, like ERP systems, remains a backbone for global business.

To replace the existing ageing and expensive EDI technology, INToo Solutions has architected, designed, build and rolled out its cloud B2B Trading Exchange powered with

  • AI Trading Machine,
  • near real-time web communication, and
  • document collaboration which covers all the stages of the business transactions.

Within eCBK EDI, the document collaboration framework establishes intrinsic integration between the B2B trading exchange and the cloud ERP modules. In this way, eCBK makes EDI relic of the past like the typewriters.

eCBK brings all business transactions stakeholders (sellers, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, banks & financial payment engine and even individual employees) in one hub replacing not only the EDI but also the faxes and email. The transaction stakeholders scope of access is private and with permissions. eCBK covers the following main document categories:

  • Inventory list
  • Sales Orders and Purchase Orders with a workflow to cover cancellations and returns
  • Packing and Receiving notes
  • AR/Sales Invoices and AP/Purchase Invoices
  • Expense Application
  • Certificate of origin
  • Credit Application
  • Payment Processing

eCBK provides “frictionless” commerce transaction, to eliminate outdated manual paper processes, and delivered significant and persistent broad supply chain efficiencies through:

  • Large scale of data automation.
  • Collaborative Document Communications.
  • Web communication includes multi-party supply chain collaboration by invitation which establishes managed web logins for EDI participants (e.g. clients and suppliers). A specified level of access profiles these logins.

As usage and interoperability across trading partners expands, businesses can also capitalize on a much faster ROI compared to traditional EDI usage models.

In eCBK, the information shared between stakeholders is not only focused on the supply chain “milestones” for core business processes, such as notifying that a PO was just sent, a shipment has just started, or an Invoice was just sent. eCBK design can include handling more sophisticated events from new kinds of “users” like IoT sensors or a digital camera associated with receiving notes to report a damaged part received on the factory floor and triggering a notification. This is rendered possible because of eCBK architecture associates document with events and triggers. eCBK is built on top of a novel software framework to be able to engage in emerging, continuous digital business processes and empower AI learning machines through chained data pools with no boundaries.

INToo Solutions believes that in coming years businesses must take a good look at and “double-down” their investments in working together with partners to achieve shared goals and outcomes that ultimately deliver on a superior end-customer experience. Despite billions of dollars in IT investments over several years and numerous studies on the value of collaboration, supply chain collaboration and communication remains in many respects “limited and unfinished business” with tremendous upside opportunity to drive new levels of supply chain excellence by relying on AI and blockchain. Business owners will be able to share more data through IoT mechanisms, based on a single shared version of the truth enabled through a blockchain “backbone,” and facilitated by AI technology that can streamline root cause analysis and introduce new forms of business opportunities.

eCBK based on our novel software framework creates by default a blockchain-powered data Network which adds the concept of a “shared version of the truth” for information flows exchanged across participants of the exchange network. eCBK blockchain provides a tamper-proof record of all supply chain events. eCBK brings together the trading exchange, IoT and other future kinds of events to synthesize a wider data pool, with appropriate access permissions, the traditional chargeback submission process can be streamlined without the need for more devices (faxes, telephone, emails, etc.) and solutions. This can avoid disputing “the facts” of a given transaction and the conversation can more quickly turn to root cause and improvement.

eCBK as a cloud software solution made the multiparty collaborative automation possible today, helping small and medium businesses to accelerate their innovation in practices, such as using AI agent technology to perform multi-party process orchestration, leveraging blockchain and multiparty application integration.