INToo Go120 Program

Drive eCommerce Success with a Proven, Rapid Implementation

To address our customers’ needs for swift time to market with their eCommerce website, eCBK team has introduced a rapid implementation INToo Go120 program. The main implementation steps are:

  • Go live on your eCommerce website in 120 days or less.
  • Avoid implementation delays and cost overruns.
  • Achieve best-in-class time to value

If you’re currently operating a less than optimal eCommerce website, your customers are more likely to resist adopting your digital channel or bounce to a competitor’s site. You risk missing out on incremental revenue from new business or upselling to existing customers. Therefore, the time to market with your new site is critical.

INToo Go120 or Go Home

In our opinion, it’s best to go live with your new eCommerce site as quickly as possible, then continue to build on that site over time. Having performed hundreds of eCommerce implementations, eCBK team understands what a strong, foundational eCommerce site should look like and how it should operate. Besides our cloud ERP, we have in-depth knowledge of the many POS systems that are popular in the market, such as solutions from Infor, Epicor, Mincron, and others. And we have built a repeatable process for delivering a best-in-class digital experience that your customers will love.

Benefits from eCBK Cloud B2B eCommerce Capabilities

Just because you’re going live in a condensed timeframe doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great features and functions. There are no shortcuts with the INToo Go120 program. Your initial implementation includes more than 100 best-practice capabilities required of a proper B2B eCommerce site, including:

  • A branded site with your logo, colours, and imagery.
  • Content and promotions management.
  • Intelligent and configurable site search.
  • Featured manufacturers and brands.
  • Predictive search with “type-ahead” and image preview.
  • Product sort and attribute filtering.
  • Customer-specific part numbers.
  • Customer-defined product groups.
  • Product comparisons.
  • Related product recommendations.
  • Request for Quote (RFQ).
  • Anonymous and approved customer shopping.
  • Saved shopping carts.
  • Multiple payment and shipping options.
  • Quick Order pad.
  • Order and invoice history.
  • Multiple user roles.
  • Sales rep assist module.
  • Account management.
  • Event registration management.
  • And much more!.

“The INToo Go120 approach lived up to its promise. It’s clear eCBK team has a proven plan for rapid and successful implementation. Now we can deliver a great eCommerce experience with tremendous eCBK B2B solution capabilities for our customers”

Chris McQuot

VP, Golden Dollar Chain Stores

Avoid Implementation Delays and Overruns

Few things are as frustrating and embarrassing as having to explain to your CFO why that website implementation project took longer and cost significantly more than originally anticipated. With the INTOO Go120 program, you don’t have to worry about scope creep, additional hours, or budget overruns to complete the job. Your initial site will launch on time and budget. eCBK team has a detailed project plan that includes every task, milestone, and responsibility required to ensure your success.

Trust the Process

eCBK team will assign your company a dedicated Technical Project Manager with a support team of developers and expert eCommerce managers. This experienced team will walk you through the process step by step. eCBK team’s process and people are dialled-in for rapid execution of your eCommerce site.

Inventory Content Services

Make Your eCommerce Catalog Stand Out

Product Content Services

It takes more than just product data to fuel your eCommerce site. It requires unique, robust content to make your products stand out from the crowd. eCBK’s product content services can help attract customers to your site and keep them thereby creating a dynamic product catalogue that not only engages the customer but also helps convert their search to a sale.

The content we provide you is yours, and only yours. Because you own it, you can use your content wherever and however you see fit. This gives you the ability to provide consistent product information across all facets of your business – from invoicing and inventory management to brochures and sells sheets. That’s the eCBK advantage.

Whether it’s optimizing your current product catalogue, sourcing and onboarding new products, or assisting with your product data management needs, our content services will help give your company a competitive edge.

Complimentary Services:

  • Comprehensive Data Analysis.
  • Project Recommendations.
  • Enriched Sample Data.

Here’s a look at how our content services can take weak product data and turn it into amazing enriched product content:

  1. Product Description Development:
  2. Product Attribute Enrichment:
  3. Digital Asset Collection:

eCommerce Optimization

Provide Customers with Detailed Product Information

Product content plays a significant role in eCommerce customer experience. Customers need to be able to find your products easily, and they need accurate and relevant information to help them make an informed purchasing decision.

A better eCommerce experience leads to better outcomes. Let eCBK team transforms your product data into effective, enriched content that drives traffic and increases conversions on your eCommerce site

eCBK team offers an array of eCommerce optimization services focused on providing the most logical and value-added information about your products, including:

Item Category

We refine the hierarchy, attributes and categories within your business taxonomy to create a better framework and relevance to your data, fine-tuning the default SEO for the global search and browsing capabilities of the content truly functional.

Data Normalization

Since product data varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, we cleanse and normalize the sourced data so that it is presented to your customers in a standardized and complete manner. This includes removing duplicate data, filling in incomplete data and providing a uniform format. Cleansed data eliminates confusion and gives customers the ability to compare your products easily and accurately.


We take basic manufacturer data and transform it into rich, marketing-driven content that attracts customers and creates sales. Our enhanced product descriptions increase search rankings and give customers a wealth of product information.

Attribute Set

Customers want more than basic specifications like color and length; they’re looking for specific and relevant attributes such as application usage and compatibility with other products. eCBK team extract attributes that are specific to your catalog of products and important to your customers.

Digital Asset Collection

Digital assets go above and beyond product images. We collect brochures, product videos, data sheets and more to help your customers fully understand a product’s features and benefits.


eCBK team source, edit and enhance product images to create a professional and consistent look across your entire product catalogue, and to improve the user experience.

New Inventory Item Setup

Publish New Products Online Fast

Speed-to-market is what keeps you ahead of the competition. So when it comes to integrating new product lines and SKUs to your existing product catalogue, count on eCBK team to get them online quickly and accurately.

We can set up small and large catalogs, with the ability to onboard 20,000 products in a month. Using efficient processes and industry best practices, we ensure new products are set up logically and positioned in relevant categories with the same attributes and values for optimal product comparison.

Data Classification

After collecting all the product data, we classify the products to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the categorization process. To do this, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific taxonomy needs, and then we develop a plan to build competitive benchmarks and perform industry-specific research. All this is done to provide the best possible online experience for your customers.

Data collection

We source product data and digital assets directly from manufacturers in order to gather the most up-to-date and accurate product information. We make sure to cross reference your part numbers with manufacturer part numbers to give you a single view of the product.


New product data is optimized so it provides robust content for customers. This includes unique product descriptions, high-quality images and relevant attributes for the products.


Normalized data is key to providing customers a consistent and positive online experience. This includes formatting and standardizing information such as product bullets, product names and units of measure, as well as data deduplication to eliminate duplicate content and SKUs. We can use your existing style guide, or create one for you, in order to maintain format and style consistency.

If you’re looking to provide more product offerings for your customers, trust in eCBK team. Whether you have 100 SKUs or 1,000,000, we can incorporate them into your current catalog of products efficiently and effectively.